Malaysian Memories

Malaysian Cuisine

Malaysian may not be the most well - known Asian cuisine in the UK, but I am doing what I can to change that; I bring the wide variety of tastes and aromas of Malaysia to Oxfordshire and the neighbouring counties.

Malaysia is a multi-racial, multi-cultural community, and the food reflects this. We invented fusion cooking before the term became trendy. Malaysia is a Muslim country. The native Malays are the largest ethnic group, but there is a significant and long-standing Chinese and Indian population. Add to this the influences of the Arabs and the British, not to mention the neighbouring countries of Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines, and it is easy to see why the country is a true cultural and culinary melting pot, as witnessed by the wide variety of restaurants, markets and food stalls.

Malaysian have a keen appreciation of each other’s culture, food tends to go hand in hand with celebrating the Festivals with our own foods.

I am a Penang Chinese - Filipino, I cook mainly in the Chinese style, with a touch of Thai influence and some Indian too. I use spices and soy sauces that many British people are familiar with, but there is a world of difference between Malaysian Chinese food and the Chinese food that you get at your local Chinese restaurants in the UK.

I still get the opportunity to visit my family in Penang, Malaysia every year, and enjoy catching up on the latest food trends. Food in Malaysia is one of the most popular topics of conversation, and in Penang, especially, we pride ourselves on our culinary skills.

Currently I occasionally attach myself to the Banbury Cookery School where I will be running Malaysian Cookery Classes on (Dates to be arranged) Please visit their website and contact me direct for information.

I also offer one-to-one Tuition in your own homes. £80.00 per person for 4 hours. I provide all the Ingredients, the Recipe Sheets in a folder. An ideal Birthday/Christmas / Special Occasion gift to someone who is a keen cook and you can invite up to 4 people to share what you’ve cooked – a Mini Dinner party at the end of your class.

Also ideal for Pre-University Students – I can teach them to cook, easy, delicious, inexpensive and most of all Healthy Malaysian Cooking. All you need is a Wok and 2 wooden ladles.

Gift vouchers are available – Please contact me for more information.

Yolly's Malaysian curry sauce

I have now launched my Malaysian curry sauce, ready cooked and packaged. For sale at £3.00 per pack OR buy a batch of 6 for the price of 5!

Just call me or email your order, we can arrange a day for me to deliver if local.

Mobile: 07964417311