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Testimonials for Yolanda Tapping

Paul Howells
Penelope Oakey
Tracy Gregory
Jackie Alder

Paul Howells

It had got to my fifth attempt to get my Singapore Noodles right and taste as good as in a restaurant and guess what, I failed again. I was ready to throw my wok out and give up as I thought the only way forward was to book an expensive flight to Malaysia and learn from the locals there. It was my wife who came up with an alternative solution. Find a local chef that knew the techniques and materials that were truly authentic. Simple in principle I thought but impossible?

She searched the web and found Yolanda who luckily lived about 40 minutes away from me. After one or two e-mails the programme for the day was quickly drafted between us with a list of meals that Yolanda felt she could deliver within the allotted time for the day. Needless to say the bane of my cooking experience, the Singapore Noodles was number one on the list to conquer.

Yolanda arrived at my home at 10.00am sharply together with the ingredients and all her cooking utensils (except for the kitchen sink). These were quickly shipped into the kitchen and unpacked. It took about 10 minutes for Yolanda to cover the order of the day and what did I want to accomplish by the end of the day.

What followed next was the biggest and most impressive cooking lesson that I have had. Starting with the Singapore Noodles Yolanda prepared the ingredients whilst explaining the best noodles to buy and the spices that were best to use in the dish. Yolanda first showed me the techniques by cooking a portion and then we tasted it. This was then followed with me cooking a portion under her watchful, experienced eye and then tasting again to ensure it satisfied my palate. We had no trouble with volunteers from my family who were all eager to taste and polish off the portions after smelling the cooking aromas from the kitchen.

The rest of the day was similar as Yolanda filled every minute with preparing, cooking, tasting and watching me cook every dish identified for the day. It was a full day broken up by washing pans and having short tea breaks. Yolanda was very keen to ensure that I got what I wanted from the day

In summary, I have no hesitation in recommending Yolanda as a Malaysian chef. She speaks very clearly and has no doubt the knowledge handed down from her mother and adding what she has learnt from her own vast experience.

Did I learn about cooking Malaysian food? It became evident within the first dish of the day, the Singapore Noodles, where I have been going wrong on my earlier attempts and that alone was worth the day to me. Every dish she did was authentic with new strange ingredients that added the flavours and textures that I would never have seen nor understood if she had not shown me them and how to incorporate into the dishes.

I learnt a vast amount off Yolanda that I would have never ever have seen in recipe books and that what makes the difference between a good meal and a memorable one. So yes I did learn lots of things about Malaysian food but lots more as well. I even started to count to ten in Malay satu-dua-tig-empat and so on in my cooking of the stir fry vegetables. Many thanks Yolanda it was a great experience.

Penelope Oakey

"We love entertaning friends at home, but however enjoyable it is, a huge amount of work and planning goes into making a successful evening. If you're not careful, you're exhausted by the time your guests arrive!

Yolanda has cooked for us on two occasions and she has completely transformed the entertaining at home experience for us. We have hosted two dinner parties of ten guests, and I would normally spend days before shopping and preparing for the evening. With Malaysian Memories there was none of that, and instead of spending the hours leading up to the event in the kitchen, I was able to hand evverything over to Yolanda and her team, and relax in the bath!

It's a terrific surprise for guests when they arrive and a really different dining experience for everyone. It's lovely being able to relax and chat to your friends from the beginning of the evening, until the end - rather than spending much of your time popping in and out of the kitchen.

The food is absolutely amazing - Yolanda offers a wide choice of dishes and puts together a personal menu just for you and your guests. She also brings traditional Malaysian tablecloths, napkins and crockery to really bring an authentic Far Eastern feel to your dining room.

We're very keen to use Yolanda again, and have already booked her to do a cookery demonstration for our village book club next month - we'll have to put the latest Jilly Coper novel to one side that night!"

Mrs Penelope Oakey
Grange Farm

Tracy Gregory

Dear Yolanda,

I would like to send you an email to say a massive thank you for your support with Middleton Cheney pre-school, we managed to raise an amazing £157.10 on the night so thank you so much.

It was so well organised and the comments on the night were lovely.

We are all looking forward to doing it again and we have learnt so much about easy healthy cooking, I have even been cooking it for family and friends and telling them all about you and your food demonstration.

I am sure that you will be fully booked with lots of food demo evenings and I'm looking forward to being able to book you for one of your private dining evenings too. Thanks again and good luck

Jackie Alder

I have used Malaysian Memories several times and we have always experienced the most wonderful authentic food from Yolanda.

The evening is so relaxed I cannot think of a nicer idea than having friends to your own home and having someone to prepare and cook for you.

I would recommend Malaysian Memories to anyone.


My parents purchased the 4 hour cooking experience for me as a birthday present - and it was fantastic!

Yolanda e-mailed me prior to the date with a proposed menu of dishes we would be cooking and on the day arrived with all of the ingredients, printed recipe sheets and much enthusiasm!
I have always enjoyed cooking but had never quite mastered the art of Malaysian style dishes - all that has changed. In the four hours we prepared and cooked four Malaysian dishes with Yolanda cooking alongside me so as I could follow her lead.

I learnt techniques that you wouldn't pick up from just reading a recipe book and all provided from a very warm and friendly teacher. At the end of four, very enjoyable, hours my partner and I had a feast to devour for our dinner that evening. It really was delicious.

Thanks Yolanda, it was a fantastic experience and one I have raved about to family and friends.

Chloe Allington-Dyckes

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